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SEND Information

St James’ is committed to an inclusive education for all children and aims to provide a learning environment which is flexible to meet the needs of all members of the school community. It is the school's belief that every child should be supported to achieve success and have full access to a broad, balanced, high quality education. This should take account of their individual strengths and needs and should allow each child to fulfil their potential.  

Part of the requirements of the SEND Code of Practice (2014) requires schools to publish their SEND School Information Report. This had been called the Local Offer. Our information report and Local Offer can be found by clicking on the links below.

Should further information be required, please contact the school's SENDCo, Jamie Cameron.

We understand that the LA will monitor the school’s activity under the Equality Act 2010 and will advise upon compliance with that duty.

We provide an environment that enables full curriculum access and values all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs. We are committed to the Equality Act 2010 with regard to disability and to developing a culture of inclusion, support and awareness within the school.


The Governors are committed to the principle of all children having equal rights of access, if this can reasonably be provided.

The admission of a child with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to the School will be conditional upon:

1. The parents'/carers' full disclosure to the School of the child's disability. Appropriate planning by the School, including requests for additional funding, are dependent upon the School having access to all the relevant information.

2. Following the procedures which are set out in any school policies relating to SEND e.g. Assessing Children's Educational Needs.

3. The availability of appropriate facilities within the school.

4. Agreement about the stages for which entry is being offered. In particular, transition from Primary to Secondary will be dependent upon a review of the child's needs and the evaluation of any difficulties which the child may have in accessing an appropriate education.

5. Acceptance by the parents/carers that some educational opportunities, which take place offsite may not be available. The above conditions will also apply, if a disability develops during the course of a child's education in Primary School.

St James’ CE School follows Blackburn with Darwen’s admissions policy and Blackburn with Darwen manage the process.


  • Increase access for disabled pupils to the school curriculum (this includes teaching and learning and the wider curriculum of the school such as participation in after school clubs, school visits, etc). to ensure pupils with a disability are as, equally, prepared for life as are the able-bodied pupils.
  • Improve access to the physical environment of school (this includes improvements to the physical environment of the school and physical aids to access education).
  • Improve the delivery of written information to disabled pupils (this will include planning to make written information that is normally provided by the school to its pupils, available to disabled pupils.  The information should take account of pupils’ disabilities.

Increasing Access for Disabled Pupils to the School Curriculum

We aim to provide access to all areas of the building and outdoor facilities.  We ensure equal access to the curriculum and relevant resources for all pupils.  The school has a caring ethos and welcomes and supports children with special needs/disabilities and their families.

Improving teaching and access to learning lies at the heart of the school’s work.  Through self-review and Continuous Professional Development, we aim to enhance staff knowledge, skills and understanding to promote excellent teaching and learning for all children. We aim to meet every child’s needs within mixed ability, inclusive classes.

Key Priorities – Curriculum

To meet the needs of all pupils we will:

  • Increase staff confidence in differentiating the curriculum to meet the needs of children with physical disabilities, visual impairment, autism, global delay, etc.
  • Monitor pupil progress and outcomes through target setting and tracking to ensure SEND pupils make appropriate progress.
  • Use ICT software to support learning – develop use of Board Maker and PECs.
  • Involve advisory teachers from the SEND Inclusion Support Service – to ensure planning, deliver of lessons and assessments are accurate and meeting the needs of target pupils across the school.
  • Ensure all educational visits are accessible to all – developing guidance for staff on making trips accessible.

Key Priorities - Improving Access to the Physical Environment of the School

  • Ensure the needs of disabled pupils, parents/carers, visitors, governors are regularly assessed, reviewed and evaluated.
  • Ensure all equipment is available close to classrooms to help children who need access to the equipment.
  • Ensure wheelchair access through different entrances/exits across the school.
  • Ensure all disabled pupils can be safely evacuated – through the implementation of Personal Evacuation Plans.  Develop a system to ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities in relation to disabled pupils.
  • Ensure hearing and visual environment in classrooms is regularly monitored to support VI and HI needs – seek support from the LA advisory teachers.

 Key Priorities - Provision of Information

To meet the needs of all pupils we will:

  • Ensure all pupils and parents have equal access to all information relating to the curriculum, cross-curricular activities and the wider school curriculum.
  • Ensure resources for VI children will be modified to meet their individual learning needs.
  • Regularly assess the needs of HI children – ensuring hearing aids are fully functional and radio aids are used by key members of staff when information is being delivered.


For more information about the legislation, regulations and code, please use the following links:


Information updated January 2023.



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