To contact school, please email:

Year 6:

Week 1

If you would like to contact your teacher to ask for help with the home learning tasks or share a picture of any work that you have completed at home then you can email them using the following email address. It is very important that you read the following guidelines carefully before you send any emails.


  • You must only send emails or attachments that are linked to the home learning tasks

  • Teachers will only respond to emails that are linked to home learning tasks

  • Teachers will not respond to emails that are not linked to home learning tasks

  • You must have permission from parents or carers before you send an email to your teacher

  • Inappropriate use of emails will result in parents/carers being contacted

  • Emails must include your name so that teachers know whom they are emailing


You can email your teacher using the following email address:

Mr Devine:

Mr Parker:

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Week 2

Easter Home Learning - Weeks 3&4

Our School Values: Respect, Love and Courage.